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EDM Download: Thugli "Onslaught" EP

EDM Download: Thugli "Onslaught" EP

Today is a great day to be a Thugli fan. Actually...any day is a good one, but a little extra special right now as Thugli released their "Onslaught" EP. If you're a reader of my words, you probably know how much I adore these two producers after my recent drooling over their "Inflight" mix and interview I did. "Onslaught" is everything you need to get yourself amped... whether it's driving to wherever to getting ready for a night out on the town, to just waking up to any normal day. This EP has three tracks packed with so much bass that it will have you cranking up the volume and singing along... I even found myself clapping on my drive to work while listening to "Watch Yourself." Who could be a better hype man for you than yourself? So get your day going and grab this EP for free now!

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