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EDM Download: TNGHT "Acrylics" Donkong's Cowbell Remix

EDM Download: TNGHT "Acrylics" Donkong's Cowbell Remix

I know what you're thinking... Will Ferrell, Saturday Night Live and more cowbell please. But seriously guys, all jokes aside this track is pretty great. I love TNGHT and was stoked on their release of "Acrylics" a couple weeks back, and like all good tracks... there is bound to be a remix. A huge two thumbs up to Donkong for this one for not only incorporating the mooing of a cow and cowbell, but for keeping the high energy alive and making me bounce all over the place. Best part? It's up for free EDM download. Your wish is Donkong's command... more cowbell anytime anywhere.

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