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EDM Download: Vicetone vs. Nico Vega "Beast"

Vicetone is back at it again and this time adding their signature sound to Nico Vega's rock like anthem, "Beast." The original track is strictly rockstar style with  guitars, drums, and the sinister vocals of lead singer Aja Volkman, but Vicetone adds their melodic touch, turning this track into a heavy hitting dance tune. After the drop, I couldn't help but stop myself from trying to shuffle all over. It's got the rock, the drop, the vocals and everything I've come to know and love about Vicetone. Be sure to grab the free download and prepare for some sweet dancing because there is no way you're sitting still for this one.

EDM Download: Vicetone vs. Nico Vega "Beast"

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And here's the original...

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