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Essential Tunes: The Magnetic Ten (April 3rd, 2013)

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Essential Tunes: The Magnetic Ten (April 3rd, 2013)

Here you go, 10 songs that are currently squatting on the Magnetic airwaves more often than not. In other words…the sounds we have on heavy rotation—in no particular order. Hope you enjoy these as much as we do. BTW, if you're counting songs we know there's only 9 in the Soundcloud playlist…we're asking Kompakt to let us stream the missing one…so stay tuned for an update.

Gregor Schwellenbach featuring Infansonido "Was Ist Musik" (Kompakt Records)
I will try and get a stream of this tune on Soundcloud ASAP. It needs to be heard. If "Was Ist Musik" rings a bell it's because it's a Justus Köhncke tune. Here you have Gregor Schwellenbac re-imagining said tune as chamber music. That's right, Kompakt Records is going classical At least on their 20th anniversary release, which features a bunch of songs from the label’s vaults turned classical. Look for the album Spielt 20 Jahre Kompakt at the end of May.

Bit Funk "The Long Road Ahead" (Unreleased)
Have been enjoying what Brooklyn-based Bit Funk has been up to as of late. This popped up on his Soundcloud a few months ago, but I somehow missed it. Maybe you did too.

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Beacon "Bring You Back" (Ghostly)
Thomas Mullarney and Jacob Gossett, aka Brooklyn duo Beacon, dropped a few EPs last year via Ghostly International and are now getting ready to release their debut album, The Ways We Separate at this end of this month. If you like this, definitely peep the album when it drops. Attention worthy for sure.

Lo Fi Beats "Yeah, Like This" (Deaf By Records)
This has been floating around for a minute now, but is finally being released on the recently launched imprint, Deaf By Records—a joint venture between Lo Fi Beats and M.U.I.R. If you've got a thing for disco, hip-hop and eighties funk—channelled through a 21st century studio—this is the trick. Look for it towards the end of April. Look forward to hearing more from this camp.

Sonns featuring Red Baron "On My Mind" (Mark E Remix) (Machine Limited)
Sonns is a new solo project from LA-based producer Alexandre Mouracade of Split Secs. The original tune stands on its own, but the Mark E remix goes darker while lighting it up with some steel drum work. This is Sonns' debut EP and sets the bar pretty high.

Rex The Dog featuring Jamie McDermott "Do You Feel What I Feel" (Tiger & Woods Remix) (Southern Fried Records)
The Rex The Dog original is worthy with its layers of synths, drum programming and McDermott’s falsetto vocal that leans on the anthemic side, but Tiger & Woods twist things up, loops some of the vocal and turns it into a slo-mo monster. Nice one Southern Fried.

Justin Jay "Static" (Dirtybird)
This is one talented 19 year old. This is Justin's third outing for the dirtybird camp and I've gotta concur with boss man over there when he said that this just might be Justin Jay's breakout record. What a bassline.

Renato Cohen "Suddenly Funk" (2000 and One'S Lo-Motion Funk Mix) (100% Pure Records)
My brand new remix for legendary Brazilian techno hero Renato Cohen, Suddenly Funk due to be release, vinyl and digital, on 100% Pure Records the 11th of February 2013.

MitiS "Life Of Sin Pt. 3" (Unsigned)
From playing at places like Carnegie Hall in NYE and the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia… to dance music. MitiS' classical piano roots shine through on this one. Tip of the hat to the Pennsylvania-based producer Joe Torre for a rather stellar tune here. And it's a free download.

Brillz featuring Whiskey Pete "Acid Trippin" (Mad Decent)
Lots of hit and miss trap floating around as of late—file this under winner. Whiskey Pete's hook is catchy as hell and will definitely go over well in the club. What a monster.

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