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Headphones We Love: Eskuche 45v2

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We have had a pair of the black Eskuché 45v2's in the office for a month or so now and have been wearing the shit out of them to make sure we really got some heavy use prior to posting a review. For starters, we have been watching the Eskuché brand since back in the BPM Magazine days, so it's been nice to see them evolve their offering and brand over the last four years or so.

Headphones We Love: Eskuche 45v2

Design has always been one of the first things we noticed about these guys, with an almost cheeky take on retro they do things like put out DJ mixes on Cassette tape and push a lo-fi type graphics style that just naturally appeals to the cool kids dreaming of 60's and 70's aesthetics. The good news is that  Eskuché lives very much in the present with modern day features like a cable mic for you iPhone. The sound is great and well rounded, the fit is incredibly comfortable and you can wear them for hours without fatigue (from sound or comfort).

The 45v2's are priced at a very reasonable $129 and are great for bedroom DJs due to its titanium drivers, rotatable aluminum cups and a detachable cable system that works with 6.3mm (quarter-inch) plugs through an adapter. In a category that gets more crowded by the minute (at least one headphone brand has launched while you have been reading this) it's nice to have a solid brand like Eskuché.

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Headphones We Love: Eskuche 45v2

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