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Hey Los Angeles…Vote Yes On SB 635—If No Booze At Bars After 2 am Is Dumb

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Hey Los Angeles…Vote Yes On SB 635

Now here's a petition we can get behind. Los Angeles is built on entertainment. People flock to the city for many reasons and nightlife is one of them, which makes the no booze at bars after 2 am law pretty weak.

If you think last call at 2 am (in reality it's like 1:30-1:45), this SB 635 petition will allow local communities to take control of decisions like this.

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"SB 635 will elevate San Francisco and Los Angeles in specific and California in general to a level equal to or surpassing the great entertainment areas of the nation and the world. Optional 4 am hours (which require a special permit from the NY State Liquor Authority) has certainly never hurt New York. California deserves no less..."

Get involved…SB 635 will be heard at the Senate Governmental Organization Committee on Tuesday April 23, 2013 at 9:30 AM.

Letting local communities craft flexible closing times for bars and restaurants that better sync up with public transit, broaden taxi availability, improve business, create jobs, boost tourism competitiveness and increase tax revenue seems like a no brainer to us. Interested? Contact and go here for the petition

Hey Los Angeles…Vote Yes On SB 635

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