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In The Spirit Of Monday Stress… Nature Sound Mixer

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In The Spirit Of Monday Stress… Nature Sound Mixer

Bask in the relaxing sounds of nature…and a few man-made noises too—like Darth Vadar breathing, which is really odd cuz it kinda sounds like dude has emphysema or something. Anywho, I stumbled on this website this weekend and it got a few minutes of my time, perhaps you'll get sucked in too. It's basically a free 4-channel mixing tool that lets you come up with your own nature inspired composition and download your masterpiece for free. If you're too lazy or just uninspired you can listen and download other peoples' soundscapes. In the spirit of Monday stress, go relax and check out the website. Unless of course that is if relaxing sounds of nature only disturb, bug or foil thy mood. I like computer chips and sizzling steaks.

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