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Keenhouse Releases Video + Artwork For "Four Dreams"

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Keenhouse is no stranger to the pages here at Magnetic, and this time we have a wonderful music video to share from the LA-based electronic musician, also known by his real name of Ken Rangkuty. Last fall saw the release of Keenhouse's sophomore album 'Four Dreams,' and the first single 'Where I Belong' was followed by a music video produced by Devin Curry. Devin's interpretation tells a dreamy story of identity search, coupled with beautiful photography. But at the same time the original video was being produced, Tokyo- based video artist Shinya Sato was working on an alternate version. After a bit of a delay and slow communication due to time differences, the new video is now finally ready to be released and we are very pleased to show you a different interpretation of 'Where I Belong.' Unlike the first video, Sato's interpretation is much more futuristic, a bit more open in its message, and thought provoking in its interpretation. Stylistically the video reminds us of French illustrative art and comic series such as the works of Jean Giraud aka Moebius (Les Maîtres du Temps) or Roland Topor (Fantastic Planet) which Shinya Sato cites as an influence.In the past Shinya Sato has produced music videos for Strip Steve, Chateau Marmont, Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers, and live video performances for his own musical outlet called Crystal, which released on the former Institubes label.

In addition the music video, Keenhouse is also offering a special booklet of artwork inspired by the music of his record. He explains;

"These are images from four different artists who I asked to visualize the music. They picked a different dream (three songs) off the album. Shinya Sato and Sunao Maruyama aka MARS play in a band called Crystal. They used to be signed to Institubes, that's how I met them.Shinya is also the guy who did the animated video for "Where I Belong" (the one I sent you) and is a great video artist primarily. I saw Sunao's art before and she frequently does exhibitions of her hand drawings. She's a bit shy about it but I know shes won some pretty nice awards within that world.I really liked both their approaches to art as they are also musicians and that was the idea behind the book - to translate music into visual art. So I felt that we had common ground already and they really liked the artbook idea. Along the way I asked Elliott Fiedler who is also a musician and goes by p e a c e FIRE. With him I felt the same way, that we already had common ground. I love his music which I also release, and saw some of his visual artwork. He does most of his artwork and videos himself and I knew that he'd be an interesting guy to ask for the project. Lian Rangkuty, who is my brother, works with art/fine art in Berlin. He always loved graphic design and music. So for me it was a no brainer to ask him too. He loved the idea, so we added him to the project."

Sunao_Maruyama_Twilight Bridge
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