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Listen: Crookers "Miami Jetlag" Mix

Listen: Crookers "Miami Jetlag" Mix

If you've ever traveled to a different time zone, you can probably relate with Crookers' jetlag problem. As you can imagine after Miami's festivities of Ultra Music Festival, Skrillex's massive event at Story, and a 4-way B2B set on a yacht with Skrillex, Congorock and 12th Planet,  the inevitable jetlag was bound to come knocking on the flight back home. While most of us complain, take some sleep aids, or try and stay awake until waving our white flag and surrendering to jetlag, Phra did something productive and made a mix.

In Phra's words:

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"This is a mix I did during the long flight back from Miami. I called it "Miami Jetlag" 'cause I was already looking forward to my "best friend" Jetlag. Whenever I start to miss him he comes and kicks my ass for a week straight. In the mix you can find some new exclusive stuff from Ciao Recs, my new release Ghetto Guetta / Heavy (Out on OWSLA at the end of this month) in good company with new stuff from : Dilligas, Louis Benoit, Stabber, Digi, Justin Martin, Deetron, Maison Sky, Astronomar & many more."

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