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Listen: MitiS "Born" EP


Having a hard time relaxing this Friday morning? Me too. Lucky for us stressed folk, I have found the perfect remedy to soothe your woes and leave you relaxed from your head to your toes. This remedy comes in the form of MitiS' "Born" EP. Released Wednesday, this 30-minute therapeutic session has been on repeat ever since. From the second you hit play, the most melodic sounds began to surround you and calm your nerves. I'm not really quite sure of the technical terms, but this heavily classical influenced producer knows just the right sounds to hit the right places to induce some serious relaxation. Included on this EP is a unique track with Collin McLoughlin, incorporating his vocals to a tune that will be sure to have you swooning. I could go on, but I think I've done enough talking and it's time for listening. Grab "Born" via Beatport. It's about time you press play and let the therapy session begin.

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