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Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape—Happy 50th Compilation with Cover Art From Darcel Disappoints!

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Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape—Happy 50th Compilation with Cover Art From Darcel Disappoints!

Launched by Mercedes-Benz to celebrate and support the cream of the international newcomer crop, this series dubbed "Mixed Tape" strikes a sweet chord with us here at Magnetic. You too, if you appreciate a wide range of stellar sounds spanning hip-hop and glitch pop to jazzy soul, folk, piano ballads, indie rock and eclectic electronica. With a rather impressive 600 songs and 50 compilations under the platform’s belt, today the folks over there have found it high time to celebrate a few Mixed Tape milestones with the latest edition of the free download compilation. Peep the tracklisting below and go download the mix on mb! magazine.

Tip of the hat to the platform’s editorial team for tirelessly sifting the international airwaves and stages for artists with a mind—and sound—of their own. In addition to the music, you'll find a steady stream of in-depth features and behind-the-scenes interviews on the mb! magazine site.

In this spirit, the latest compilation featuring ten new tracks does not draw from past Mixed Tape compilations, but heralds the future of more great music with a fresh batch of artists and exciting new sounds, all wrapped in a striking cover by New York graphic artist Craig Redman aka Darcel Disappoints and his quirky, cartoony cyclops character.

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So join the fun here or head straight to the Spotify playlist.

Playlist of Mixed Tape #50

  1. Paradise Animals featuring Allie Hughes  "Coastal Lines"

  2. Young Hare "Lover"

  3. The Sea Life "Nocturnal"

  4. Vows "Unreal Love"

  5. Red Sails "Sure Enough"

  6. Miu "Turn Around"

  7. Kognitif "Rocket Trip"

  8. Kurare featuring Theo Steuernagel "Just A Place"

  9. Steady Sun "Actress"

  10. New Desert Blues "Donnie"

Going strong since 2004

With 40+ million downloads and 100,000 Facebook fans to date, Mixed Tape continues to keep up the pace and beat. After all, Mixed Tape artists have made it to the top of the charts (Wagner Love in Japan, Fat Freddy’s Drop in New Zealand and Bev Lee Harling—as part of the Mediaeval Babes—in the UK), received prestigious awards and nominations, from Grammys (Vikter Duplaix) to MTV awards, produced songs and remixes for global icons like Nelly Furtado or Destiny’s Child (Raj Asia), shared stages with Lauryn Hill (Nia Andrews), Dizzy Rascal (Data MC) and Stevie Wonder (Kaye Ree), graced the legendary Boiler Room (Giraffage and xxyyxx) or crafted soundtracks for movies (Jones Miura Fahling), games (Borea, Camp) and TV spots (Lucius 14). Not to mention a steady stream of recording contracts for featured artists, averaging out at one per compilation! South Jordan, an artist from Mixed Tape 25 is now signed with Def Jam (Universal Music), for instance.

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