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Posso Hits Coachella and Watches The Sun Come Up

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Oh Coachella the stuff of myth and whimsy...breaking ground, artists and all that jazz. Maybe you've read a Coachella recap or two already... but I'm sorry... I've been recovering. After sitting a few years out, I flew deliriously into the desert full of myth and whimsy after a late night of DJing in New York. After soaking up a bit of sun and putting back a few beers, I was feeling the vibes and off to the festival I went.

Posso Hits Coachella and Watches The Sun Come Up

First stop was for my personal Jesus of DJing, DJ Harvey... Spent many a full moon under the lights at his Sarcastic Disco parties in grimy warehouses in downtown LA back in the day and he brought all that and more on this Coachella Good Friday. Then scampered over to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and caught the Daft Punk preview (which may have been the highlight of my night)...



Then over to the amazing energy of throwback, Jurassic 5... Hadn't seen them since I was in high school when they opened for Fiona Apple at the Warfield in SF... It was as if they have only gotten better with time. They were amazing on the Coachella stage but I couldn't help but imagine the intensity of energy they would create at a smaller venue or even a house party...

Posso Hits Coachella and Watches The Sun Come Up

It was hard to wake up Saturday and throw myself together for a day of DJing a few parties and hitting the festival... But we made our way over to the peaceful Vestal Village where some of our fave bros and gypsies were reveling lagoon-side... After a few Heinekens and some new shades we retreated back to our Palm Springs oasis and I caught up on some much needed beauty sleep which sadly called my name more seductively than my favorite polyamorous Queen of the Desert, miss Rhonda.

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Arriving a bit late to the fest, I came up right in time for The XX... though having just woken from a nap I was in no mood for another lullaby and ran over to watch lil Moby from the beer garden. Getting a hot tip that R Kelly was going to perform with Pheonix from a friend of mine who also happens to be his biggest fan...wasn't sure if he was fucking with me or not... Though you couldn't make that sort of collab up! Unfortuntely I missed this cosmic union of talents and had to run through the dust to DJ the BOOMCHELLA afterparty...

Posso Hits Coachella and Watches The Sun Come Up

With the DJ set up in an airport hanger, the wind whipped through the crowds glowsticks as we got the party started opening up for Major Lazer...such a good vibe.

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SUNDAY! The day I had most been looking forward to... After prying myself out of bed and into my handmade banana print dress, I blearily wandered my way over to the ACE Hotel for the infamous and serious budzone party The Do-Over in search of some sangria and Salva... From that point on, like a prophecy woven to my body like a badge... I went bananas.

Posso Hits Coachella and Watches The Sun Come Up


Even ran into a babe wearing one of the swim suits we designed for our 2012 capsule collection with Volcom!

Posso Hits Coachella and Watches The Sun Come Up

After gratefully grabbing a jacket, I sailed over the festival just in time to see one of my favorite legends in the flesh, Rodriguez. Having been a fan for years, researching him blindly on my own and having just seen the documentary Searching for Sugarman... I was awed. This was the kind of moment that Coachella is all about.


After that experience it was over to another legend... Wu-Tang Clan... They really are quite a large clan!


Then I blew over to the mainstage for the Red Hot Chili Peppers who also blew my mind.


Finding shelter from the dust and winds, I along with my own Coachella clan carved out a little dancefloor in front of Disclosure... There was to be no leaving early tonight, tonight we were getting full... disclosure... Special guests Jessie Ware and Sam Smith were incredible. My fingers were crossed for AluanaGeorge to pop out but alas...


After all this Sunday excitement, I peeled off my banana outfit in the windless sanctuary of our PS abode and watched the sun rise...

xo, Vanessa

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