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Review: CSS “Hangover” via SQE Music

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Review: CSS “Hangover” via SQE Music

What I love about CSS is that they’re like your first love: they never seem to change but always stay important in your life as you grow. But like your first crush they are off living their own life and changing just like you. They’ve come a long way from their 2006 anthem “Let’s Make Love (And Listen To Death From Above),” but their new song “Hangover” is equally playful, melancholy and simple. Lovefoxx’s lyrics are delightfully fleeting and perfectly pop, contrasting just enough with the bands electro-dub beat. Punk and ska legend Tim Armstrong comes in as co-writer on this one, throwing his signature horn section on the hot barbecue and before you know it you’ve got a summer picnic in space, complete with Bloody Mary’s, Martians, vampires and glitter. This is summer crush music at its best. “Hangover” is out today, and their full album Planta is set to drop on June 11th, 2013 via SQE Music.

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