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Review: Daft Punk “Get Lucky” via Colombia Records


Review: Daft Punk “Get Lucky” via Colombia Records

So Daft Punk has finally released their first new single in over eight years! Has anyone heard it yet? Please send your thoughts to reviews at so I can give it a proper review. I can’t seem to find it. I’ve been searching high and low on the Internet all day. All I can find is some circa 2007 mash up that puts Pharrell and Nile Rodgers over some unreleased b-side from Human After…oh wait.

It turns out that “Get Lucky” is the new single from the now un-dynamic duo Daft Punk, from their upcoming album Random Access Memories. At face value the song is not bad, it’s got Daft’s signature French electro house sound, combined with Nile Rodgers disco guitar licks and Pharrell Williams on the staple “up all night blah blah blah” vocals. But that’s it, nothing new. And this is what they’ve been working on instead of playing a couple of shows in the desert?

The formula has been done before. [Hello Chromeo. -ED] I’ve already listened to Human After All. I’ve already played “Face to Face” hundreds of times at 11:00 pm while the bottle service crowd arrives and sits at their booths so they can dance.

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You could have done whatever you want and you give us the same sound all the followers have successfully copied.

Come on guys…you're Daft Punk. Break some ground, don’t re-invent the electro grinder. I get it, maybe the label made you put this first single out? No, you're Daft Punk. Maybe you wanted a mainstream hit to increase your crossover? No, you're Daft Punk. Are you too busy hanging out with French models and drinking champagne…oh wait, you’re Daft Punk.

I digress and will wait patiently for the album.

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