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Review: Hot Natured “Reverse Skydiving” via FFRR

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Review: Hot Natured “Reverse Skydiving” via FFRR

Hot Natured is like dance version of the Travelling Willburys, consisting of Lee Foss, Jamie Jones, Luca C and Ali Love. Each has proven they can hold their own when it comes to producing great dance music, and “Reverse Skydiving” is what you get when their minds are as one. Pete Tong grabbed them right away and signed them to FFRR records, and this is their first single on his imprint. Aside from the production gurus’ genius, “Reverse Skydiving” has the vocals of Anabel Englund, creating an eerie but hopeful dark pop track. It’s got all the right elements: a piercing snare, electro bass and Englund’s post-punk melody. Shadow Child comes in on the first remix, turning a lounge anthem into main room banger, with hints of progressive house and trance. Deetron rounds out the 12” with a bugged out and spooky remix and dub version.

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Look for it via FFRR May 6th, with a full length LP to follow later this year.

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