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Review: James Egbert & Schoolboy “Silver Lining” InfraRed

Two big names in bass music, James Egbert and Los Angeles native Schoolboy, come together for a ground-shaking EP titled "Silver Lining." Even with their names displayed, it’s very difficult to distinguish who did what in each track as both producers are masters of their craft and immaculately demonstrate it in each massive song. Beginning with "All System Go," a very suitable title to begin the EP, "Silver Lining" takes listeners through a barrage of grimy, bass-driven sounds and emotive breakdowns that will completely wreck dancefloors. "Hero Down" slows down the tempo but raises the filth level by adding a gritty screaming bass that annihilates relentlessly. To end the EP, we have a vocal dubstep track featuring the alluring vocals of Taylr Renee. "Stardust" incorporates everything that makes a great dubstep track because, let’s face it, generic dubstep is pretty much everywhere now. The contrasting orchestral breakdown and warm vocals gives this track a more natural feel as opposed to the screaming and stuttering bass in the drops which give this track most of its weight. This EP has proven the collaboration to be a major success and I’m certain fans cannot wait for future releases!

Review: James Egbert & Schoolboy “Silver Lining” InfraRed

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