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Review: Liz Torres "Your Love is All I Need" Luxor Recordings

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Review: Liz Torres "Your Love is All I Need" (Dennis Kane Remix) Luxor Recordings

Most people classify Liz Torress as one of the god mothers of house music. Her mid-Eighties anthems have unquestionably paved the way for the explosion of electronic music around the world. She’s back in 2013 in key and on time, with the “Your Love Is All is Need” EP. It’s a well-rounded four track record consisting of the title track, a dub version, and remixes by Toby Tobias and Dennis Kane. “Your Love Is All I Need” is a nice and smooth gondola ride through the best days of 90's house: Short piano stabs, a little tambourine, some deep soul and spoken word en español. The DJs over at KCRW just wet their pants. The original is more lounge than dance, but Luxor enlisted Toby Tobias and Dennis Kane for remixes that make sure the dancefloors will stay packed. Kanes Pampas remix [The winner in my book. -ED] starts off with some Spanish guitar (KCRW DJs now need diapers), but wastes no time in getting to banging rhythm section and guitar samples. There’s enough of Torres’s vocals to go around, scattered, stacked, studdered and harmonized. Tobias’ remix locks the EP together with dabs of future soul mixed in with a Detroit techno/acid sound. It's rare when you get two remixes of such breadth on the same record, especially when they maintain an overall theme of diversity. Out on April 22nd via Luxor Records.

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