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Review: Louisahhh! “Transcend” EP via Bromance Records

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Review: Louisahhh! “Transcend” EP via Bromance Records

Louisahhh!, government name Louisah Pillot, is no stranger to the DJ and dance scene. Cutting her teeth in NYC, blossoming in LA and coming to maturity in Paris, she knows her music. After contributing vocals to Brodenski anthem’s ”Nobody Rules the Streets” and “Let The Beat Control Your Body,” her output with Stevie Be as NYCPartyinfo for imprints like Throne Of Blood ("He Was Looking For K") and Nurvous ("You Won") to name a few, Miss Pillot is releasing a much deserved solo EP on Bromance Records, the 9th installment on Brodinski’s Parisian Label.

“Transcend” is serious dance music folks. If you came to the club to get wasted or get your picture on some photoblog, get the fuck out. “In My Veins” is a descent down a stairway of well polished modern house juxtaposed with raw techno, leading you to a night that Louisahhh describes as “dark but somehow emotional and sensitive.” “Tap My Wire” demonstrates that she’s got a vocal range that goes from deep soul to a Joplin-esque screech. Combine that with Malestrom’s tight as ever production, and both tracks stand out as nightlife masterpieces. This is music for the disco. Out on April 22nd via Bromance Records.

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