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Review: Martin Solveig & The Cataracs featuring Kyle “Hey Now”

Review: Martin Solveig & The Cataracs featuring Kyle “Hey Now” What A Huge Turd

We have been fans of Solveig for a minute or two; with tracks like “Rocking Music”  and “Heartbeat” he has cemented his name on the wall of house music fame. Even “Hello” with its pop tinged vocal was an infectious bit of fun that deservedly crossed over to the drive-time radio crowd, aka the people that refer to electronic music as EDM. "Big In Japan" showed signs of formulaic weakness, but the video was so damn fun perhaps we let it slide. We can’t even be mad that he jump in and took the chance on that turd of a Madonna album, because let’s face it you’d be an idiot not to give that a go.

However, with “Hey Now” we have entered murky waters and this track with the cheese ball rap of Kyle doing yet another Kid Cudi impression is just massively disappointing. “Hey Now” sounds like a sidelined pop band that got their gimp of a tune pumped up with an even lamer remix. Yes, we just fucking hate it and that hurts to say because Martin Solveig is awesome.

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I can only liken Solveig to US swimming star Ryan Lochte; in the water and during the Olympics he was just an ass kicker but out of the water he is a complete moron. So please Martin jump back into the pool for us and quit making music that we know you probably fucking hate in the first place... you are better in the deep end.

So listen for yourself here at this huge bummer and all the chuckleheads that think it’s good.

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