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Review: Matt-U “Something About You” via NoMad Records

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Review: Matt-U “Something About You” via NoMad Records

I guess this Matt-U guy is kinda a big deal. Maybe you might want to start paying attention to him if you were sleeping like I was. Maybe you’re going to say you already were when you weren’t because you’re that guy. Benga and Skream already knew this before you. NoMad Records knew this and signed him. Now that we are all paying attention…

He’s making songs here, not just tracks. The single is released with a black and white side, with “Black Lodge” and “Something About You” taking each side respectively. “Black Lodge” is pure dubstep all the way…sounding like it was made in some castle dungeon, with chains as your snare, fire as your bassline, and some dead guy’s skull as your kick drum. Intense.

Review: Matt-U “Something About You” via NoMad Records
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“Something About You” goes beyond classification, not dub, not garage, just solid ELM that’s perfect for a sunrise, whether just waking up or out all night. The quality is in his production, there is such attention to every detail in every instrument, vocal layer and harmony. It comes together in a Thom Yorke kinda way. Yeah it’s that good. No.Mad’s dubmaster DeNiro comes in to create a club friendlier remix with a lot more thud and wobble, while somehow still keeping the chillout aspect of the original track.

The “rebel without a cause” attitude so prevalent in the bass scene is nowhere to be found, and instead of making music that pisses the world off, Matt-U tells the world it’s ok to be mad, just work it out, vibe out and it will pass you by. If you keep it 100 with your dubstep, this single is for you. If you’re breaking a sweat shaving one side of your head and clashing tie dye-shirts with your Fort Lauderdale tattoos, move on... The transfer for the trend train is further down the line.

Out mid-April and available for pre-order via Nomad Records. BTW, The vinyl comes with a code for a bonus track download.

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