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Review: Mr. Beatnick "Savannah" EP via Don’t Be Afraid

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Review: Mr. Beatnick "Savannah" EP via Don’t Be Afraid

Mr. Beatnick, often hailed as one of London’s most inventive and genre challenging producers, is back with his final installment of the Syntheses Trilogy. The four track EP is hard to describe, it’s definitely house, it’s definitely cosmic, it's definitely Baltimore. Hard to imagine how he could get all these genres to work together to produce a solid, cohesive EP, but he somehow does.

"Savanah" is the most cut and dry house track, but then again it’s not. The standard four-on-the-floor formula gives way to a slight off-beat stutter, and everyday house pianos break into a synth pattern that screams it's cosmic disco time. "Symbiosis" launches as the clear cut cosmic disco track that is so organic that it should be classified as house: synths, snares and spacey sounds give way to hand claps and a melancholy violin. And in case you’re just not getting it, "Parallax Scroll" is the track that takes the trans-genre spirit and adds some Balitmore rat-at-tat to finally lock down the commitment to indecision. Need a break? “Blue Wave” comes in just in time with some nice electronic listening music (ELM) that’s as soothing as it is cosmic disco and house. Damn.

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Out on vinyl now, available digitally on April 29th 2013 via Don’t Be Afraid Records.

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