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Review: Paula Temple "Colonized" via R&S Records—File Under Straight Up No Chaser Techno

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Review: Paula Temple "Colonized" via R & S Recordings—File Under Straight Up No Chaser Techno

Paula Temple’s new 12” on R&S Recordings is mad intense. This ain’t no fist pumping clown music. This is raw aggressive techno noise, straight up with no chaser.

She best describes “Colonized” in her own words: “Imagining what it would sound like to resist the control systems we encounter every day, to refuse standardization and covert forms of colonization.” If toppling social institutions and refusing to drink the kool-aid seem a little mundane to you, not to worry, the UK’s own Perc, aka Ali Wells comes in with the metal remix to include some anarchy, chaos and torture. On the flip, Cloned is a relentless attack of drums, lasers, dimension shifts and temporal planes. It’s at least 300 years in the future and 1000 years before Christ. Wait for the breakdown, and if you don’t feel a rush after the build explodes, it’s time to lay off of the benzos.

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The digital download includes the Perc Bubble mix and “Decolonized,” both slightly more harmonic, but "slightly" is the operative word. R&S Records music is not for everyone, but fans of the label should appreciate this one. Look for "Colonized" on May 13th 2013.

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