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Review: Vanilla Ace "Musicology" EP via Off Recordings

First off, Vanilla Ace is an awesome name… so he's got that going for him right out of the gate. I don't really know much about the London-based producer other than, well, he obviously makes quality deep house music that has a way of flirting with disco while embracing a bit of jack. His music has been popping up on a gaggle of quality imprints over the last year or so. Check "Hypnotic" via Mark Knight's Toolroom empire, the "Rockin'" EP via Blockhead Recordings, "Hide," which was featured on the Maquina Music's Miami compilation, "Get Away" via Southern Fried Records and his "Poolcide" EP via Moda Music to get better acquainted with his sound. And of course this "Musicology" EP for the always on point, Off Recordings.

Review: Vanilla Ace "Musicology" EP via Off Recordings

Both the title track, "Musicology," and the flip side, "Bring It Back," will treat late-night dancefloors right. The first going a little funkier and deeper while the second, albeit still deep in nature, heads in the peak-time direction. This is what deep house done right sounds like.

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