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The Electronic Music Alliance—Fighting For EDM Culture


EDM News: On February 2nd of this year, The LA Times published an article detailing the drug-related deaths of 14 people who attended dance music events. They had reported that the deaths, which occurred during or shortly after concerts produced by Los Angeles-based Insomniac Events and Go Ventures since 2006, were the product of ecstasy overdose. I know many of you read this, and also read the responses from the EDM community and it’s artists such as Kaskade, but for those of you who did not, the author of that article and two others that published other anti-dance music articles attempted to connect electronic music with rampant drug use and death while inviting readers to arrive at the conclusion that cities rely too much on the income from raves.

Janine Jordan with EMA petition


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Janine Jordan with EMA petition (photo by Michael Tullberg)

The response was immediate in the dance community (check out what we had to say about it), as it should have been; for the LA Times to fire out with every negative they were able to gather against EDM culture and blast it into society as if that was all the culture is comprised of was wrong. Thankfully, many voices both famous and not spoke out against the articles, Pasquale Rotella took to Instagram and Facebookwith an urgent "Call to action,” Kaskade issued a written response pointing out that "there is a string of green lights that have to be run through by people whose business it is to keep these events safe. The same codes put into place for every other genre of music applies to EDM." The list goes on, but my focus today is on what Janine Jordan, wife of Ken Jordan of the Crystal Method did to fight negative views on EDM culture that the LA Times created.

Janine is the executive director for the non-profit organization called the Electronic Music Alliance, or EMA. EMA is a nonprofit, global alliance of dance music fans and artists uniting the electronic dance music community to be the “Sound of Change.” On April 2nd of this year, the Electronic Music Alliance hand delivered a petition to the Los Angeles Times offices in downtown LA containing over 2500 signatures from community members across the globe requesting fair media coverage for the electronic dance music culture. The petition was started in February just after the series of negative articles appeared in the LA Times. The stance of the EMA is that the LA Times chose to solely write about the negative incidents that have taken place within EDM culture without putting them in context of similar problems within society or other musical genres. In short, they felt that the LA Times wrote from a biased standpoint, and they respectfully requested coverage of the positive benefits of EDM culture on society. I think that's a pretty fair request, don't you? Please visit the Electronic Music Alliance's website here and share with us your thoughts on this topic, because the fight still rages on and your voices should be heard. Over and out.

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