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This Just In: "Skin DJs" Attack


Today, we here at Magnetic came across an article on Head Of Rothchild that we just had to share. Ever heard the term female “Skin DJs?” I hadn’t, not before I read this article. The term refers to self-labeled “sexy” DJs who market their physical appearance as opposed to their skill set. Now what I immediately picture when it comes to female DJs are sisters Liv and Mim of NERVO, or Yasmine and Jahan of Krewella tearing it up with the best of them in front of thousands of people. They are talented as well as sexy; the difference between these “skin DJS” and them? They didn’t try to bewitch the crowd with their tatas to get attention.

Unfortunately, these skin DJs did, and what’s more, it’s God-awful. What Reed Rothchild did was go in search of these female DJs and compiled a group of the most ghastly examples that he could find. All of them involve girls in pre-porno shoot outfits posing in some ridiculous setting with random pieces of DJ equipment that aren’t even connected or plugged in. It’s hilarious at first, and then it’s just annoying. Here’s a nice little example below of a girl posing on top of her equipment, because when I acquire new equipment I always christen it by stepping all over it, don’t you?

Proceed with caution, read the article in its entirety here

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