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Twitt Talk: DJs Chime In On Avicii's GQ Article

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Twitt Talk: DJs Chime In On Avicii's GQ Article

If you've yet to hear what this controversy is all about, it stems from an Avicii quote in a recent GQ article. We had a few words to say about it over the weekend, which you can read here.

It was only a matter of time before DJs started to chime in. Bummer for Avicii if his tweet to A-Trak and Laidback Luke is correct when he said:

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I didnt say any of that, its all out of context and phrased in a way that make me sound oblivious.

You are absolutely correct, your quote makes you sound fundamentally ignorant about your craft. If I were Tim Bergling I'd be screaming for a retraction. I would also immediately set the record straight—especially after A-Trak replied with, "So tell us what you mean, Tim…" To which there was no reply.

Tommie Sunshine chimed in saying, "This is where the press starts to try to dismantle us; we must choose our words wisely."

Of course you should choose your words wisely when you're on the record being interviewed. Did GQ factcheck this article?

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