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Watch: A Legend Speaks, A Fight Breaks Out and We Tweet Our Asses Off at IMS Engage Los Angeles

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Watch: A Legend Speaks, A Fight Breaks Out and We Tweet Our Asses Off at IMS Engage Los Angeles

Yesterday (April 17th) Magnetic attended the IMS Engage conference at the W Hotel in Hollywood. The International Music Summit most well known for their annual boutique industry conference on the island of Ibiza has set their sites on the US market as well.

The IMS is all about bringing the electronic music industry together for great panels, and quality networking. Last year during the Coachella weekends they launched their first event, which was an invite only symposium at the Ace Hotel with guest of honor Bob Lefsetz who waxed poetic and not so poetic about the state of the EDM Nation and beyond.

This year they opened it up to the industry with the IMS Engage concept, which was a full day of conversations between industry pioneers, mono y mono.

Watch: A Legend Speaks, A Fight Breaks Out and We Tweet Our Asses Off at IMS Engage Los Angeles
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The line-up was as follows:
Pete Tong and Shelly Finkel (SFX)
Matt Adell (Beatport) and Jaron Lanier
Diplo and Kevin Systrom (Cofounder of Instagram)
Amy Thomson (Swedish House Mafia manager) and Troy Carter (Lady GaGa’s manager)
Patrick Moxey (Ultra Records) and Russell Simmons
Jonathan Rosenthal and Skrillex

The panels were entertaining, sometimes candid and a couple times quite awkward which made for an interesting day.

Highlights included:

• Jaron Lanier busting out on some crazy pan flute (seriously) to start their conversation and later rocking on some crazy new synthesizer that sounded like a pipe organ and a didgeridoo had a love child.
• Jaron Lanier just in general, the guy is a mad tech wizard and extremely entertaining and insightful, he basically owned the conversation
• Diplo talking some mild shit about DJ Blend and then DJ Blend’s manager getting up and calling him out on it. By the way, we are VERY sure Diplo is bigger than DJ Blend.
• Kevin Kusatsu of Mad Decent getting into a full on scuffle with the Blend camp, the fight was stopped but it would have gotten bloody if security hadn’t stepped in.
• Amy Thomson’s dismal outlook on the American electronic music scene and where it’s headed. Some very valid points were made about the massive buy ups, rate of growth, teenage drug use, etc.
• Russell Simmons just dropping knowledge and drawing parallels between the early days of hip-hop and the current state of EDM in the US.
• Skrillex and Jon Rosenthal ending the day on a really high note with some great stories and visions of the future.

Big thanks to everyone at IMS and to everyone that made it happen. We look forward to next year and one day coming to the white isle.

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