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Watch: Daft Punk, Random Access Memories—The Collaborators With Todd Edwards and Nile Rodgers

Watch: Daft Punk, Random Access Memories—The Collaborators With Todd Edwards and Nile Rodgers

Last week I covered the developing Collaborators video series which provides a rare opportunity to see, hear and feel the story behind Daft Punk’s upcoming album. The first episode, which you can read about here, covered the concept of the changing evolution of the studio which has allowed anyone with a computer the opportunity to create a track. However, the feeling of losing the inspiration and soul of producing said art has diminished when analog turned digital. The process, which has been simplified, no longer requires a gathering of musicians to sit in studio to jam out a live performance anymore. Let alone, setup a complicated system of equipment in order to get the right take. So, has the magic behind the production of music been lost forever? We hope not.

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Todd Edwards, singer, co-writer and producer of “Face To Face” explains to us that as fans, we enjoy the music for what it is. But as an artist, the true appreciation comes by living the experience of seeing all your work and passion go into creating a live studio track. In addition, Todd takes a moment to mention that the music that comes from the effects or presets being used from a computer is no longer a representation of the artist, but merely an extension of the artist would like to express from his soul.

Watching Todd Edwards explain to us how the experience of working on Daft Punk’s album literally changed his life, by packing everything up to be closer to a place where the soul of music thrives is truly inspirational for any musician. It’s what all musicians, now and then, would want; to dream of living up to an experience in a more intimate setting. But the world of producing has changed. Even though it would be ideal to share a similar experience as he did, we shouldn’t have to feel as if his story is more of a dream than a reality. Todd shares with us that we can still make it possible to take from the ideas from the past and from our robot friends, to change the cycle by beginning to think outside the box again. An important concept that can make any artist standout in a world where there are more laptops than musicians.

Although the future seems slightly bleak for the world of music production, Nile Rodgers follows by telling us not to worry. Technology may have made things slightly bland in the recent years, with the emulation and all, but Niles reminds us that there are going to be those artist who will make us look to the future. Thank goodness for that. It seems like we are on the verge of one of those moments. Having a legend like Nile Rodgers be a part of the upcoming album reminds us to share the experience with others who are inspired but yet remain undiscovered. By taking new strides to reach out to those who share the same passion or would like to, that a world of new opportunities open up for you, the artist. Let’s remember to keep it original, continue experimenting and reinventing oneself. Then, there will come a day when we will all find our inner groove.

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