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Watch: Moby and Mark Lanegan's awe-inspiring music video for 'The Lonely Night'

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Record Store Day came and went last weekend and with it there were a lot of great releases for you to pick up and while Record Store Day creeps closer and closer to becoming exactly what it set out to rally against—full corporate consumption of music—one thing that it does still bring us is amazing collaborations that really make the day still worthwhile.


Moby and Mark Lanegan's limited addition Record Store Day 7" "The Lonely Night" is a slow-moving emotional track. Moby's infamous classical sound is the perfect backdrop for Lanegan's baritone voice. "The Lonely Night" could quite possibly be Moby's greatest piece of work in the last couple of years.

What is great about Moby's work is that it almost fits perfectly as a backdrop for visual art. So much so it garnered its own 1997 album "I Like To Score." His music can most notably be traced back to one of your favorite films, with "Extreme Ways" use in the recent Jason Bourne films furthering this idea that his music is more than just an audible experience.

For "The Lonely Night" director Colin Rich contrasts the desolateness of the eerie Mojave Desert with the busy, glowing Los Angeles cityscape. “With every project I undertake, there are certain emotional undertones that need to be translated into moving image and ‘Lonely Night’ provided to me a thematic of isolation and solitude,” Rich said in a statement. “So I attempted to create a reflectively temporal voyage from ruin and desolation into the edge of civilization and back again.”

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I had the opportunity to see Moby play a DJ set last weekend at Coachella and let’s just say I wish he would have played more of this and less electro trash circa 2009. Here is to hoping he gets back to his roots and plays the songs that made him who he is.

Anyways, the final product is cinematic gold and in my opinion the best thing to come out of Record Store Day this year. Check out the video below and purchase it at a record store near you while you can!

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