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Watch: Pretty Lights Feat. Talib Kweli "Around the Block" plus Sneak Peak Documentary Trailer

Watch: Pretty Lights Feat. Talib Kweli "Around the Block" plus Sneak Peak Documentary Trailer

This week, Pretty lights released his new single “Around The Block” from the new album A Color Map Of The Sun, which is due to be released as a free EDM download via the Pretty Lights website on July 2. The album will continue to carry the signature sound of electro and hip-hop soul. However, in an attempt to experiment and expand on the talent of his musical dimensions, Derek Vincent Smith, better known as Pretty Lights, reached out to a community of musical aficionados who contributed to the live recording of his new 13 track album. A new perspective on the Pretty Lights genre and a certain step forward for an artist whose previous foundation was built on sampling techniques.

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As astounding as his musical production, Pretty Lights dazzled us with a beautifully shot music video showcasing a "tripindicular" run on reels visual journey. The video of “Around The Block” features Brooklyn based Talib Kweli, whose lyrics amplify the track by adding that extra hint of hip-hop flavor. Also, we could not ignore the rich, soulful sound of the chorus that delivers a sense of joy and happiness, providing a gospel like experience.

In addition to the new single, a release of a sneak peak preview for the making of the album has also been uploaded for public indulgence. Allowing fans of Pretty Lights to step into the studio and experience the magic of a collaboration with talented individuals that many of us have never heard of. Having watched this clip several times over, I’ll have to start paying more attention to my local music shop. And be thankful there are still kind souls out there whom continue to share with us the experience of an acoustic instrument. It’s hopeful to see a progression of electronic dance music deliver more live performances in the future. By doing so, it will certainly transform the experience of going to festivals and smaller shows again. Pretty lights is already awesome to listen to with headphones on. Watching a live performance would only blow my mind.

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