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A Chat With Dan Ghenacia, ahead of Culprit's Rooftop Sessions

A Chat With Dan Ghenacia, ahead of Culprit's Rooftop Sessions

This weekend Culprit LA is back with it's second installment of the label's premiere rooftop parties at the The Standard Hotel. This Sunday's session features PBR Streetgang, Frech techno maestro- Dan Ghenacia and Plastic Love. I had the opportunity to catch up with Dan-chatting about his new record label, Circo Loco- Ibiza and more. It's been a tremendous year for the man described as, "Paris After Hours King". His acidic and hypnotizing productions create the perfect vibes for the season. To get Culprits summer sessions started,  PBR put together this fresh deep mix to give you a taste of what to expect this Sunday. Come kick off the summer with the coolest crowds in LA!

You lived in San Diego back in the early 90’s, could you tell us how the west coast’s sunshine influence your sound from then to the present? What were some of the early Deep House records that you were listening to?

My main influence, when I was living in San Diego, was the local hero mark e quark. This guy was my mentor, he was the first dj I heard mixing so different styles from house to techno – mixing Minimal German Deep techno with some New Jersey classic vocal house. It’s something kind of usual today but it was not in ’95-‘96. I got my inspiration from him and this is what me and my crew are still doing today. Check the compilation ‘Sun Frenchies Co’ I did back in the day for Magic Garden- it’s a tribute of the west cost sound I was playing.

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You’re playing in LA this weekend at Culprit’s famous rooftop parties. How do your prepare for events such as this? Do you spin tracks on the fly or have a set list in mind before the show?

I always spin tracks on the fly. There is no way for me to prepare a set, you have to be connected with the crowd and I don’t use Traktor or FX. I simply play vinyl and cd’s and you don’t need to get prepared for that. You just need to play a lot not to loose the flow. We are music lovers and our tricks is our tracks.


Circo Loco season starts in a couple of weeks. Could you tell us what you have in store for the summer in Ibiza? What are you most excited about?

The summer is going to be intense I am playing almost every week at DC10! I am very excited because we are renting a villa all season with the Apollonia crew—Dyed Soundorom, Shonky, and the our wives and girlfriends. It’s the best moment of the year to be with your best friends, deep into the music and living all together. Living the dream!

Could you identify three upcoming artists that you’re listening to at the moment?

Djebali is one of my favorite with his vinly-only label. His releases are always good I play all his music. The artist Point G is one of the big comebacks for this year. We repressed his track ‘Underwater’ on Apollonia to prepare his comeback on the underground scene. He’s gonna do a new live act, it’s going to be massive. There is also Tolga Fidan who is on the circuit for a while but I am completely hypnotized by his music.

What is the biggest difference between Freak n Chic and Apollonia? Is there a certain kind of sound you guys are trying to go for with Apollonia? Tell us about upcoming releases? Any collaborations coming up? What is it like working with Dyed Soundroom and Shonky?

Freak n’Chic was the typical platform label, it put out the first releases of artist like Jamie Jones, Dyed and Shonky, and many more. All the artists who signed on Freak n’Chic have their own label and career now. Apollonia doesn’t have the same goal of discovering new talent, it’s more a representation of the music we like and we make, working with artists that are at a similar stage in their career as us. And there won’t be a release on Apollonia every 3 weeks like we did in the past. Working with Dyed and Shonky on Apollonia the label and playing b2b is the most natural thing in the world, we’ve been friends and partners now for so many years.

The next EP is the first ever Apollonia ‘Team’ EP, we have also been working on the latest compilation for the Fabric Series, on which the we have included these new tracks. We are doing some more represses, one from Callisto who recently passed away. Again the track is included on the Fabric compilation, as a tribute to him.

If you weren’t a DJ you would be a …. And why?

I would probably work in contemporary art with my family but to be honest I don’t think I would be as happy as I am today, music is my life.

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