Cubic Lust by Gavin Hardkiss—An Insider Look At EDM Culture and The International DJ Lifestyle


Given that you're reading this post, it's safe to assume you enjoy the written word. Gavin Hardkiss (you might know him under his Hawke moniker and his high quality output ranging from acid house, trance and breakbeat meets techno), just pinned a book. Amazon tells me it's about a DJ that "wakes up in a pool of blood in a white room in Hong Kong with no recollection of what happened." Complete with rampant sexual energy, drug fueled hallucinations and mercurial sensuality… this sounds like a juicy story in the making. Or just one hulluva entertaining insider look into EDM culture and the hyperreality of the international DJ lifestyle. Either way, win win. Ordering my copy now…you can too here.

Cubic Lust by Gavin Hardkiss—Complete With Rampant Sexual Energy, Drug Fueled Hallucinations and Mercurial Sensuality

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