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EDM Download: Free n Losh "Where Do They Go?"—File Under Old Classic, New Trap

EDM Download: Free n Losh "Where Do They Go?"

Here's a new spin on an old classic, The Mills Brothers' “Smoke Rings” gets its trap on thanks to this Free n Losh interpretation. I stumbled across Free n Losh one day while exploring Soundcloud and have been thoroughly happy with myself since. The nice thing about "Where Do They Go" is it's got the feeling of listening to a song off a record player with the beat and bass of current day happenings. Might I also add it has the perfect tempo to get your through your Thursday jitters and into a complete state of utter happiness. Grab your free EDM download of  "Where Do They Go," and see what else Free n Losh has cooking up.... I promise you won't regret it.

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