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EDM Download" Jay Z "Dirt of Your Shoulder" Brillz & Z-Trip Remix—File Under Trap

EDM Download" Jay Z "Dirt of Your Shoulder" Brillz & Z-Trip Remix

Fresh from Brillz and Z-Trip comes a pimped out version of the boss like anthem, "Dirt Off Your Shoulder." My head bobbing hasn't stopped since first play and the synths and scratching have me going absolutely bonkers.  If this song didn't already get you hyped, this makeover will definitely do the trick. Although you can find this tune up for free EDM download via Soundcloud, you can also find this track on the new Trap Nation mixtape on Jay-Z's Life+Times blog along with other pimped out songs like it. So if you feelin' like a pimp, goin brush your shoulders off.

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Check out the TrapNation mixtape while you're at it...

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