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EDM Download: Notixx "Fallout Flow" via This Song Slaps—File Under Electro Trap

EDM Download: Notixx "Fallout Flow" via This Song Slaps—File under Electro Trap

I'm the first to admit that when I'm looking for new music the first place I turn to besides soundcloud, is Last night, was no exception. At first, when I saw this exclusive from Notixx I was stoked. He played at the Blasted Events Warehouse show last week and absolutely killed it. So, of course, I jumped on the play, clicked the download and soon followed with a heart. "Fallout Flow," is definitely a track that gets your heart rate up and your blood flowing. From the snaps to the snares, to the builds, my heart felt like it was bound to explode. Instead, came the fun drop and my signature head bobbing that comes with the territory of any tune I enjoy while having to remain seated. But you can bet I will bump this track in my room as soon as I get home and ready for my Friday night. Enjoy the free download.

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