EDM Feature: Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza Drops New Remix Album


Rob Garza flies solo with the upcoming release of his new album, “Remixes”. Garza-one half of electronica duo, “Thievery Corporation” takes the opportunity to “explore new directions with his creative output”. In this fourteen-track masterpiece, Rob dwells deep into his roots to create flighty, lush and groove-based sounds that take the listener on an ethereal journey, discovering different world cultures in an alternate reality. “Remixes” highlights Garza’s multi-faceted talent and versatility that make him a master in inducing a psychedelic, deep house wobbles with an infectious afro-beat drum progression. I caught up with Rob as he shared his experiences about working on the record, some exciting Thievery Corporation news and more.

EDM Feature: Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza Drops New Remix Album

What was your vision for the record when compiling the list of tracks you wanted to remix? How different is it from the stuff you’ve done with Thievery Corporation or Dust Galaxy? Which is your favorite track out of the bunch?

This record didn't start off as a plan really. It was kind of like one day, oh, I have all these remixes it might be cool to put them all on one place. Right now I'm feeling the Sunwolf - Cherry Crush Remix, Tycho - Ascencion mix.

When remixing tracks, what are the elements of the production that catch your attention? Any production tips that you would like to share?

I just go with my gut, if something inspires me, that's where I begin, then that leads me down some path and I just follow that.

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Remixes are an interpretation of the artist’s style on someone else’s work. What would you say best defines your style as an artist and character in society?

I feel music is magic and being a musician is like being a magician; I try to make music that is somewhat psychedelic and makes you feel high.

As a collaborative artist, what is the best and worst thing about embarking on solo project?

Not having someone to bounce music off and collaborate can be difficult but also doing it yourself can feel very fun and liberating.

Name one dead musician whose work you would remix?

Antonio Carlos Jobim, the great Brazilian composer, I'm totally blown away by his work. Just to have access to his string recordings and beats, you could do something really beautiful and trippy.

Could you identify three upcoming artists that you are currently listening to?

Psychemagik - some really great tracks and edits

Out of Body Workshop - a new project I'm working on with my good friend and Neighbour

Hot Since 82 - I love the sound, so big

Living in San Francisco must be a major plus, especially in regard to the Afro-beat influence on this record. Could you tell us about some of you’re best learning experiences that you have gained as producer in the city?

Just the open mindedness is probably the biggest thing; it is really refreshing and inspiring.

Think of your favorite place in San Francisco. With that in mind, could you describe what kind of musical composition you would compose for that space?

I would have to imagine the city as a whole and it's eccentricity. I would do something Deep, melodic and fun

What are your future plans? Is there a tour in the works?

There's a new Thievery album coming out in the fall, tour dates, solo DJ dates and another Nu disco /Deep House project called Out of Body Workshop.

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