EDM Interview: Ghostly International's ADULT. Talk About Their New Album


EDM Interview: Ghostly Record's ADULT Talk About Their New Album

ADULT. presents The Way Things Fall

Here is a quick interview with the Detroit duo ADULT. We have been fans of these guys and Ghostly International since back in the BPM Magazine Days. It's not house music, it's not EDM and you might not get it, but they are they are pretty amazing. So pull your head out of the typical EDM Culture stuff and try these guys on in the headphones.

Tell me about the album title. Where does it come from?

ADULT.: We wanted a title that was more poetic and more ambiguous than our previous titles, which were more declarative and didactic. We went through well over a 100 titles for this album, narrowed that down to three, and finally after much deliberation, decided on The Way Things Fall. The title refers to the concept of chance. Things can fall to the good and things can fall to the bad - like dice. We feel like life is like that, there is no logic, things fall randomly. We also find it interesting that people always assume the worst with us, that this title is negative, but things can also fall to the positive. We don't give out the answers and we don't know the answers.

How has the enthusiasm about Detroit changed your outlook on the city that you've called home for so many years?

ADULT.: We've been living here for over 20 years now. There's been highs and lows. People come into the city year after year and say that Detroit is the next big thing and there has been little change. For the first time in years, we do believe Detroit is changing. We think it's positive that the city is rebuilding, and we look forward these new convences and more convences. But we would be pulling the wool over our eyes if we didn't say we are a little nervous of what the future holds. Lets not forget that Detroit ranks number one in crime in the US, that we are bankrupt, and there is a lot of dysfunction in this city. These are all topics that are hard to just throw money at. On the flip side, there is tremendous spirit in this city. It is that spirit and that passion that keeps us here. We feel this is something that Detroit has held since its first inception. It is a strange place. A special place.

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EDM Interview: Ghostly Record's ADULT Talk About Their New Album

What is the ultimate artform? Is it film?

ADULT.: No. This is such a subjective question. Something that uses "more" isn't always "ultimate." While we really enjoy working in the medium of film, you also need to be in the right headspace for it. Sometimes it is nice to work on paintings, video, music, or photography because you can work much more privately or isolated. Your mood or focus is completely different. In film, you are working with so many more variables, which is great, but like we mentioned above, you've got to be in that space. Take for example a painting by Christopher Wool or an album like New Order's Movement... Perfect, wonderful. It's really impossible to judge any artform as better than the other.

As filmmakers, what about music did you miss?

ADULT.: We didn't miss anything, because we wrote the scores as well. We think that's also what kept the process so exciting, that we could write the soundtracks ourselves. In a sense, when we write an album we are semi writing a narrative minus the visuals.

We first met over 10 years ago, I remember seeing you play in Pontiac Michigan and you looked tense, but it was so good. How has playing live changed for you?

ADULT.: We are always tense. It is our nature. Playing live has only change in that we know how to pack better. What to bring and what not to bring.

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