EDM News: Chicago Tribune Takes Shots At EDC Chicago, Rotella Fires Back…


Ok, so we Angelinos are no strangers to the LA Times taking shots at the EDM scene, but it's sad to see their sister publication taking the same stance about this weekend's EDC festival in Chicago. It always comes back to drug deaths? Are they serious? Why don't they go to a Bears or Blackhawks game and see how many crimes are committed? Head to your next rock concert and take a deep breath… what's that smell? It's fucking weed.

You could almost say other big events are even worse with the massive alcohol consumption, fights and I'm sure a good deal of drunk driving to boot. Pasquale summed it up nicely in his quote below, which I've highlighted for you. Fact of the matter is, Raves/EDM festivals are a lot more sexy to write about and a hell of a lot more sensational than a bunch of hotdog eating drunks. Why not pick on the EDM scene, it's easy and it sells papers or clicks... whatever. It would be nice to see an article with all the stats side by side, then things would get interesting real fast.  Wow, we are drinking and fighting an awful lot aren't we? How many people die in drunk driving accidents?

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It's still shocking to me that mainstream America still acts like alcohol is not a drug? It's probably one of the worst ones out there if you want to do a comparison. Anyway, no need to open that can of worms. EDM events will always have problems, just like hockey games and rock concerts. As long as the promoters are professional and creating safe events for the fans, that's what matters in my opinion.

Examiner article intro below and link to CT article below that. Worth a read.

Heather Gillers with the Chicago Tribune reported on May 22 about the possible negative impact an event like this weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival might have on the Joliet area. Insomniac Events, who promotes the traveling electronic dance music (EDM) festival, has sold the event to communities in part with promises of increases in profits for area hotels, gas stations, restaurants and retail businesses. Heather contends that these claims are inflated and do not outweigh some of the negative factors that arise with events like these.

Based on the tone of her report it seems as if Heather Gillers does not approve of dance music festivals in general. She consistently refers to them as rave-inspired events, which is an insult to those in the dance community who have worked so hard to elevate dance music out of the drug-filled rave scene and into the mainstream. She also quotes officials who offer only unsubstantiated guesses at the economic impact festivals similar to the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) have had on their communities.

Insomniac Events CEO Pasquale Rotella told the Chicago Tribune, “There are big events in this country, this world, whether it’s a marathon or a rock festival, and they all have safety issues. People who think dance music is unique to these problems are not with the times and are misinformed 100 percent.”

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