EDM News: deadmau5 Previews Two New Tracks

EDM News: deadmau5 Previews Two New Tracks

Joel Zimmerman gives us a sneak peek of two works in progress, “Monophobia”, and “Killthemau5.” "Monophobia" is a 2:15 sample reminiscent of Joel’s earlier work with his classic groovin' basslines and dirty synths mixed in.

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"Killthemau5" opens with a film-score-like orchestral intro and proceeds to unleash some dark and glitchy experimental sounds from deep within Zimmerman's subconscious. "Killthemau5" more than likely inherited it’s name from Kill the Noise, as Joel tweeted them with an fair review of the track, “…@killthenoise .. kinda bastardized it a bit, but its sonicly cool I think... back to you jake.”

The tracks are two of six previews released by Deadmau5 in the last month, notably including his demo, Satellite, featuring the voice of his fiancé, Kat Von D. It’s great to see him showcase more of his musical range, and we can’t wait to hear the finished productions.

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