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EDM Download: House Music Legend - Frankie Knuckles Mix

EDM News: House Music Legend - Frankie Knuckles Mix

The Fader just did a great interview and mix with EDM Culture and House Music legend Frankie Knuckles, so we thought we would share it with you good people. Old School represent.

Where to begin with Frankie Knuckles? As resident DJ in the late ’70s and early ’80s at Chicago club The Warehouse—hence “house music”—then across a long and wonderful career as a producer, Knuckles has done more to create, nurture and popularize house music, and electronic music in general, than pretty much anyone on the planet. On classics like “Baby Wants To Ride,” “Tears,” and Your Love,” you can hear him laying a perfectly executed foundation for so much music that we’ve loved and appreciated since, pulling electronic music past disco and into a universe where it could be at once skillfully intellectual, full of deep feelings, completely sensual and just balls-to-the-wall fun to sweat to. Today, Knuckles is as active as he’s ever been, playing a few recent shows in New York as well as an upcoming date this June for NYC Gay Pride. We were beyond psyched that Knuckles agreed to create a mix for us and answer a few of our questions. Of course, just like his work always has, it’s had us dancing for days.

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