EDM News: Is DJZ's New App A Total Rip Off?


EDM News: Is DJZ's New App A Total Rip Off?

DJZ vs Imadeface

Ok. So we saw the hype about the IMadeFace app a short while back and even some of our Facebook friends thought is was cool to use the images they created as their profile pics. Ok so we have a confession, some of us even tried it out and put the panda hat on ourselves. Imadeface is a guilty pleasure, just like listening to "Don't You Worry Child" by the now defunct Swedish House Mafia - you know you sung it out loud in the car, don't lie…… you liar.

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EDM News: Is DJZ's New App A Total Rip Off?

But the problem with apps like this are that they tend to catch on. They are passable until you see ten of your friends using it for their profile pic, which renders it (pardon the pun) kind of fucking whack ass. This app was immediately headed for that wiggly giggly delete mode on the iPhone for most of us.

So now we get an email from DJZ announcing their new app that strangely, or almost exactly, resembles IMadeFace? We don't want to hate (aside from that tragic design and layout) they get some good posts up, but is this not a complete and total fucking rip off??? Instead of a little panda hat you can put on the A-trak fedora? Oh well, you make the call. EDM culture has the tendency to borrow things from itself. As our artist friend "FriendSlashLover" likes to say, "It was my idea to steal that idea."

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