EDM News: Is EDM The New American Bubble?

EDM News: Is EDM The New American Bubble

Came across this article (below) on FB and had to click on it. Death and Tax's (cool site, you should follow) DJ Pangburn raises the question that many of us have been asking since all this "EDM" hype started… When is the shit going to hit the fan? Everyone seems to have an opinion about that abortion of an acronym EDM and what the rapid commercialization of this music will mean in the long run.

Let me raise the question, WHO CARES? If you are in marketing and concert promotions this is a very valid discussion, but if you are a music fan then it seems rather pointless. The Electronic Music scene has been active for over 20 years in the US and has seen its share of the lime light and the same share of the darkness. We even survived the "Electronica" years. You think EDM is bad, try on Electronica and see how it fits… makes you feel like Will Farrell in "Blades of Glory." Chazz Michael Michaels issssssss Electronica! EDM is a fucking blessing compared to that shit brick.

Despite it all the people that loved the music just kept on loving it, kept on making it and kept on going out to underground parties and little rooms. I'm cool with the fact that this great music is spreading like wild fire, people need it right now in a very big way. In that I mean that the entire foundation of electronic music is coming together to hang out and dance, in real time, with other people. Imagine that, to actually be with people and not your laptop or mobile device.

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So let the haters hate, let the cheese ball DJs make their crappy music and do their "lip sync" DJ sets, it just doesn't matter because the good stuff will keep it all going. The more this music grows and flourishes the better, because that means people will dig deeper and get more into the underground stuff when they are sick of the commercial stuff that hooked them initially. And so it goes, just like rock, just like hip hop… it's all the same cycle.

In the words of the great Bobby McFerrin, "Don't Worry, Be Happy!"

Article intro and link below, give it a read… some interesting stuff.

There is no doubt that electronic music, in the form of the so-called EDM “movement” (great branding) is currently experiencing extraordinary popularity and momentum. Rather predictably, EDM has produced some interesting responses from insiders, outsiders, and the media, many of which are as absurd as they are opportunistic. And, all of it is leading, I think, to a crash. For now, there is the EDM bubble. In order to place the current EDM bubble in proper context, it’s important to revisit Charles Mackay’s “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.” Originally, I bought the book because of my interest in alchemy; and, as research for a book I was writing at the time, tentatively titled “American Panopticon.” My interest wasn’t piqued so much by “The Alchemysts” section, but by Mackay’s study of economic bubbles. In it, Mackay surveys the South Sea Company bubble, the Mississippi Company bubble, and the Dutch Tulip Mania.

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