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EDM News - L.A. Introduces: The Summer Sessions

EDM News - L.A. Introduces: The Summer Sessions

I came across this nice little piece of news all my fellow L.A. EDM lovers will want to hear; starting Sunday, May 26th a new monthly series produced by the owners of the Fashion District’s Pattern Bar will bring sophisticated underground dance artists to Grand Park, one of the city’s most significant and idyllic new public spaces.

This series, which will be called the Sunday Sessions, will take place the last Sunday of every month through August. And get this ya’ll, it's free, all ages and unticketed. It will be a showcase for both local and international House and Techno acts and a great chance to find out what’s out there, BE out there, and most of all, enjoy yourself.

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"This is an opportunity for our genre and community to show proper citizenship," said Eduardo Castillo, co-owner of Pattern Bar and organizer of the Sunday Sessions series. "It sets a new precedent if we all do this responsibly."

Peep the full article on the event and all pertinent details here.

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