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EDM News: Legitmix Changes The Rules For Selling Bootlegged Music

EDM News: Legitmix Changes The Rules For Selling Bootlegged Music

What if we told you there was a way you could sell, or better yet, buy music that was formerly considered to be "bootlegged" or illegal? All those tunes that have been so hard to get, or buried away on white label vinyl never to be seen again, it's just a tragedy that it's not available legally.

Well the good news is that there is a now a real solution to this problem, and it's called Legitmix. Magnetic got the chance to catch up with Booker Sim one of the cofounders of Legitmix to get some more info on this start-up that has got the music industry chattering like a pair of wind-up jumping teeth.

Click here for a preview of a great remix of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky."

What was the impetus for Legitmix and how did it all come together?

I was obsessed with Queensbridge rappers like Mobb Deep, Nas and Tragedy, so made a documentary celebrating that music. It got into legit festivals, and distribution deals followed -- contingent on clearing the music. Turns out that would’ve cost more than it did to make the movie – and longer to do!

My childhood friend Omid McDonald, a computer engineer, found this irrational -- in part because those who held the copyrights didn’t end up making any money off the film -- but also because I was unable to realize my creative vision. Omid felt technology could solve the music clearance problem, and went to work on a solution (and brought me on as a co-founder). As with the movie, love of the artists who get “remixed” was central – a feeling that the byzantine music clearance process is robbing sampled-artists of the money and credit they deserve. We felt providing a solution to the sample clearance problem was more pressing than clearing music for films – but we hope one day to address that problem too.

How would you explain Legitmix in layman's terms?

Legitmix enables artists who sample and remix to monetize their work while at the same time ensuring the artists they sample get credited and paid. We do this by taking the binary difference between a “remix” (or any sample based music) and the originals used to make it. The result is a Legitmix file, which consumer can use to recreate the remix using their own copies of the tracks the remixer sampled. If they don't own the sampled tracks, we make it easy to buy them from iTunes. It’s a win-win we hope will foster a legitimate remix economy.

What can we expect to see from you guys over the next 6 months?

We’ve just launched “Legitmix Discovery”, the first remix-only search engine and storefront – which showcases remixers’ work to fans of the artists they sample. Discovery is especially useful for DJs looking for remixes of specific tunes for their sets. We’re working with Biz 3, Moodswing 360 and Decon to promote Discovery and the community of remixers who use it. We invite remixers to help us build an equitable remix economy by submitting their catalog of sample-based music. As always, there’s no cost, remixers retain all rights to their work and get 70% of the proceeds of their Legitmix file.

How do feel about the current state of the music business?

Encouraged. Digital sales are up. Music startups are making headlines. People are dropping tons to see DJ sets and top dollar for vinyl edits. Bandcamp, Beatport and Tunecore are making it easier for fans to support indy artists -- to the tune of hundreds of millions. Until now, they haven’t had a legit way to support their favorite remixers and sampled artists – and we’re confident many of them will.

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Obviously you guys are big fans of electronic music, who are some of your favorite artists right now?

Cyril Hahn has amazing deep house remixes of pop stuff. Tall Black Guy for soulful forward thinking beats. Flosstradamus for trap anthems. Our man Kon for reworking all time classic disco classics. Scott Melker on the mashup tip. And heck, Figgy, Gigamesh, Psychemagik, Plastic Plates, RAC, River & Phoenix, Clams Casino, Araab Muzik, Greg Wilson, Dimitri From Paris, Sabo and David Heartbreak. The list goes on and on…

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