Event Recap: Kaskade “It’s You, It’s Me Redux” at Cielo—No Bass Drops, No Top 40, None Of That

Event Recap: Kaskade “It’s You, It’s Me Redux” at Cielo—No Bass Drops, No Top 40, None Of That

Kaskade’s stop at Cielo was everything that we expected and more. Upon the announcement of his latest tour, “It’s You, It’s Me Redux,” Ryan Raddon has been crashing ticketing sites and causing a stir throughout the electronic music community. The tour is a special 10-year anniversary commemorating the release of his album, It’s You, It’s Me, and designed to cater to Kaskade fans from back in the day, when the album was released. “This month, March, marks 10-years since It’s You, It’s Me came out, which is my first album," Kaskade told Billboard. "So I thought in April, it would be cool to go out and play some of the original rooms that I used to play 10, 12 years ago. [I'll] do a tour [in] a select few cities and play some of these smaller rooms, play more intimate, a more deeper set for people who used to come out ages ago."

Once the show was announced at Cielo for his NYC stop on the tour, tickets were gone in minutes and instantly became one the hottest commodities on the market for NYC nightlife. Tickets were so hot that they were going on stubhub for an average of around $300 dollars—practically the price of a festival. One ticket was posted for an outrageous $50,000 for a ticket. Only in the NYC right?

It didn’t come as much of a shocker as to why Cielo was selected to host his intimate night out for those who’ve experience it. Cielo has accrued numerous accolades as “Best Club” and “Best Venue” over the past ten years and is home to one of the best sound systems in the city. With a max capacity of around 300 people, it was the perfect spot for this kind of night out.

Event Recap: Kaskade “It’s You, It’s Me Redux” at Cielo—No Bass Drops, No Top 40, None Of That

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Dedication. Some of Kaskades most loyal fans had started to gather around the venue around 7 pm. Mind you, the doors opened at 10 pm. By the time we arrived to the venue the lines had stretched a few hundred feet in either direction with eager fans hoping that they’d get into the event. After talking to some people on line it became apparent how important of an event this was for some people. These two friends had driven a measly 5-6 hours from Syracuse to see him perform. Another couple told me that they had shelled out about $500 dollars for their tickets and had “been on line for an hour or so.” I was fascinated by how much this event really meant to some of the people that were there and the excitement in the air was contagious in line and inside the club.

By the time Kaskade took to the decks the club was rocking and ready to go. The crowd had been warmed up to by the NYC based husband and wife duo, Sleepy & Boo. Kaskade hoped into the booth a little after midnight and brought us about two and half hours of ultimate bliss. As expected, this was a completely different side of Kasakde then were used to seeing lately. No bass drops, no top 40, none of that but that didn’t stop the crowd from moving and getting down to the set.

Some highlights of the night were when he when he dropped “Steppin’ Out,” “Here I Am” and the mesmerizing “4 AM.” When he played the track of the night, “It’s You, It’s Me” the crowd came together and sang along in unison. It was beautiful. Hearing the legendary upbeat and melodic track and seeing the smile on Kaskade’s face as we came together was something I’ll always remember. It was obvious he lives to play gig’s like this and it was a really great experience to see the other side of Kaskade.

I wasn’t listening to Kaskade when It’s You, It’s Me came out but I do have appreciation for his original roots and where he came from as a producer. In a time when DJs are under much scrutiny and the industries future left up in the air as to where it's going to go next, it's really nice to see an artist go back to their origins instead of finding that next big thing. This was just what we needed as fans and A+ to you Mr. Raddon. Well done, sir.

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