Exclusive Download: ELM Vol. 6 "Confusing Spring"

Exclusive Download: ELM Vol. 6 "Confusing Spring"

So here is Vol. 6 of our ELM (electronic listening music) series of blends. "Blends" because it's more about the flow than the art of mixing. Anywho...really trying to keep these weekly but sometimes life, work and/or play get in the way... so please cut a guy some slack once and a while—this is a free series after all and I do spend hours on Soundcloud so you don't have to. I know...sounds rough, right—don't hate.

This week's post is all about how Spring kind of fucks with your emotions and teases you constantly with warm days on one only to flip back to cold weather the next. You want to go in the pool so badly, but nope it's not happening just yet. So I've chosen a selection of tunes that kind of does the same, it's warm and inviting but also a little cold and distant in spots, but all ends well with some ridiculous Paul Simon remixes. So strap on your headphones, these guys are good ones...and enjoy the free download!

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"Confusing Spring" Tracklisting:

1. Bass Physics "Old School Melody"
2. Karma Kid "In My Arms" (Maths Times Joy Remix)
3. James Blake "Overgrown" (Infuze Remix)
4. Soosh "For You" (Synkro Edit)
5. Unknown "It's Going to Be Fine"
6. Unknown "Stop or Still"
7. Kasiorama "Fifty Ways"
8. Paul Simon "L.I.T.E." (Afshin Remix)
9. Paul Simon "I Know What I Know" (Unknown Remix)

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