Insomniac's Discovery Project: EDC Las Vegas 2013 Competition Now Open for Submissions

Insomniac's Discovery Project: EDC Las Vegas 2013 Competition Now Open for Submissions

This is the second year the Discovery Project is accepting submissions to play during EDC Las Vegas, and we’re really hoping to attract some original artists who aren’t afraid to take risks. -Pasquale Rotella, CEO and founder of Insomniac

Back in June 2012, Insomniac started Discovery Project, a competition thats gives an opportunity for unheard, passionate, talented and aspiring DJs to, well, be heard—aka play a stage at one of their infamous events. It's pretty much a chance of a lifetime for an unknown to play in front of a crowd this size. If you take a look at previous winners, you might just be surprised what names you'll find. Past winners include: Kayzo, Paris Burns, DSKOTEK, gLAdiator, Paris & Simon, James Egbert and Singularity to name a few—all of whom are currently making their mark in EDM culture. If you're someone who wants to see their name added to this list (not to mention play the sold out EDC Las Vegas festival this year), here's what you need to know and do.

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  • Up-and-coming DJs and producers should submit a their latest original track, as well as a 30-minute DJ mix that best represents their personal style and sound. Entrants must also fill out a manadatory entry form on the Discovery Project website. The competition is open to artists 18 and older.

  • Artists can upload their mix with the tag “Discovery Project: EDC Las Vegas” to MixCloud and the words “Discovery Project: EDC Las Vegas” somewhere in the title and must include competition artwork and an accurate tracklisting. Their original track can be submitted to the Insomniac Events SoundCloud drop box with the same title requirement.

  • Judging for the contest will be done by a panel from the Discovery Project team and will focus on originality and technical ability. No amount of plays or favorites from fans is required. However, if two submissions receive equal scores from the Discovery Project judges, plays and favorites may play a role in the final selection. Participants are encouraged to promote their work through MixCloud, SoundCloud and personal social media platforms.

  • The competition is open globally; however, international winners will need to provide their own travel arrangements to reach the US. Insomniac will provide domestic flights only. Insomniac will also provide hotel accommodations for all winners (on the night of performance only).

This contest ends June 2, 2013 at 11:59 PST. So get your creative juices flowing and take a chance with your passion. Just imagine getting to be the one who sets the tone for the "headliners" and be what they hear when they think of EDC Las Vegas 2013.... You never know what the outcome might be. Good Luck!

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