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Listen: Butch Clancy featuring Amy K "Far Away From Me" via Dim Mak Records—File Under Dubstep

Listen: Butch Clancy featuring Amy K "Far Away From Me"

Although this track was released on Beatport on the 7th via Dim Mak Records, I wanted to take the time and write a few words about this rather hypnotic and emotional tune. It is everything you look for when you turn to music. It induces not only movement, but thought. Between Amy K's voice and the lyrics spinning around in your head to the beat which evokes goosebumps and chills with its harmonic tone, I'd have to say this song has all the characteristics I look for in a song. I also want to add that normally Butch Clancy releases his music by way of free downloads, (the proof is in my Butch Clancy filled iTunes library), but this time around he's asking for us to kindly support it on Beatport. I know for me personally it's money well spent. Check out the track below and grab your copy off Beatport now. Happy Thursday!

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