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Listen: Vandalism "Anywhere Else Tonight"—File Under Progressive House

Listen: Vandalism "Anywhere Else Tonight"

If you don't already follow Vandalism, you will be after listening to "Anywhere Else Tonight." This soon to be club anthem is not only catchy, but mesmerizing. The hypnotic, electric beat will have you humming the tune long after the song is over and reminiscing about all the memorable nights you've had and want to go back to. I have no doubt this song is already encouraging you to make sure you go out tonight or tomorrow night and make the most of life…. someplace where you can't imagine being anywhere else. Check out their Soundcloud and beatport  page to hear some other crazy good remixes of "Anywhere Else Tonight" by Stevie Mink, Angger Dimas, Green & Falkner and Dirt well as other feel good tunes.

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