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Party: Circoloco Presents “Go Bang…A Celebration Of Arthur Russell” at TV Bar, Detroit—One Of The Most Compelling Electronic Music Producers Remembered


Party: Circoloco Presents “Go Bang…A Celebration Of Arthur Russell” at TV Bar, Detroit—One Of The Most Compelling Electronic Music Producers Remembered

If you’re going to the Movement festival this year in Detroit, make it a point to hit this Circoloco party up. Carl Craig, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss, Andrew Grant, System Of Survival, D’Julz and many more will be throwing down in honor of the avant-garde composer, musician and DJ Arthur Russell at the TV Bar on Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th from 10 pm to 2 pm. In addition to the DJ sets, there will be live art performances, installations celebrating Arthur Russell and a portion of the proceeds from the event will go to charity.

Arthur Russell represents, for us, the essence of an underground artist; he is a reference to all of us in the music scene. His music and life have inspired so many people and will continue to do so. Making this party in Detroit is an incredible occasion to expose a new generation to his talent and his motivations. -Circoloco

Russell is responsible for producing some of the most compelling electronic music of the late ‘70s and ‘80s, with collaborators and contemporaries including Robert Wilson, Allen Ginsberg, David Byrne, Bob Dylan, Larry Levan, and Francois Kevorkian, will be celebrated on Saturday 25th May, in the Motor city of Detroit.

Russell’s disco tracks debuted at the famous Paradise Garage and Loft parties in New York, however the musician’s work was largely unknown in his own time. His untimely death due to AIDS related illness in the ‘90s, left his position in the history of music in obscurity. It is a fitting tribute that Circoloco, preveyors of cutting edge underground parties, help pay homage to Russell.

Circoloco and Go Bang will also transform the entire venue of TV Bar Detroit, conceptually making use of the unique spaces to include live art performances from local Detroit artists, as well as Paradise garage inspired dancers, and video projections for a completely immersive experience for the eyes and ears.

“Arthur Russell is an artist that continually begs to be re examined, a visionary who never received true recognition in his own lifetime. To us he represents all that is good in dance music, the early days where dance and art met, and what mattered was not the money, or the fame, but the party” Says John Connell one of the parties organizer. Connell is an award winning writer and producer who has curated a number of international art shows.

For the exhibition, Go Bang will present a number of never before heard or released songs by Russell which include an alternate recording of "Pyscho Killer" by the Talking Heads featuring Russell on cello, alternate Japanese takes of some of his classic dance tracks, and demo recordings with Ernie Brooks of the Modern Lovers, as well as photography some of which have been previously unseen of Arthur during his lifetime.

We asked the talent playing the night to give us their top Arthur Russell tracks and we're happy to say they obliged…

Lee Curtiss
“My Tiger, My Timing”
This Is How We Walk On The Moon

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Andrew Grant
Lucky Cloud
Our Last Night Together

Loose Joint “All Over My Face
Dinosaur L ”Go Bang

Gavin Herlihy
Let's Go Swimming
Soon To Be Innocent

Ryan Elliott
Hop On Down
Arm Around You

Simon Baker
“This Is How We Walk On The Moon”
“Arm Around You”

Kim Ann Foxmann
Get Around To It
Loose Joint “All Over My Face

Rick Wilhite
“In The Light Of The Miracle
Dinosaur L ”Go Bang”

Boris Werner
“Get Around To It”

Mass Prod
Home Away From Home
“This Is How We Walk On The Moon”

Loose Joints “Pop Your Funk
Indian Ocean “School Bell / Tree House

Sasha Navarro
Happy Ending
Loose Joints “Is It All Over My Face”

“This Is How We Walk On The Moon”
That's Us/Wild Combination

Derek Plaslaiko
“This Is How We Walk On The Moon”

System Of Survival
"Make 1 2"
"Hop On Down"

Habit Of You
“Soon To Be Innocent”

For a list of all the after parties during Movement weekend go here.

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